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Sicilian Rice Arancini Recipe

The Arancini recipe is a typical recipe from Sicily.  In Portopalo and Sicily I ate so many last summer. Sometimes, it depends on where you are, they are also called “arancine”. However the name is inspired to the orange shape of the rice ball. It’s yummy and it deserves to be tasted once – and more – in a lifetime. If you want, you can follow this recipe, but the advice is: go to Sicily and eat them there 😉


Recipe for 10 balls:

800ml meat stock
250g arborio rice
a bit of salt  and a pinch of saffron
50g parmesan chees grated
150g mozzarella, chopped into pieces
Meat ragu or ham 
1 egg
150gr flour
500g  breadcrumbs
Extra vergine oil for frying the balls


Prepare a risotto with safron – not boiled, because I know that some people think that boiled rice and risotto recipe are the same. Well: it’s not!!! – .

When the risotto is cold, start to create medium rice balls and fill them with the pieces of mozzarella cheese and the meat ragu – or cut ham -. After you beat the egg, flour and water, melt the balls and then use the breadcrumbs for covering each ball.

Heat the extravergin oil in a deep pan and dip each rice ball. Cook in batches until golden brown and drain on kitchen paper towel.

Serve it hot! And Buon Appetito (TLCCJ)

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