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The Lake Como Cooking Journalist goes to Sicily: the Portopalo experience

One of the things that I can not explain, but for which I think it is not necessary to make special ruminations, is how it is possible that the sea that bathes the beaches of Portopalo di Capopassero, is always hot.
I imagine it is simply a matter of mild Mediterranean currents, but wherever you decide to beach, whether it is on the Island of Portopalo or the beach of Carratois, the water will always be clear and warm.
  vacanze sdraio

Apart from some cases in Sardinia, I do not remember having ever swum in Italy, in such a beautiful sea – I mean, with sandy bottom, because in Italy we are so lucky with weather and sea, that it’s almost impossible to swim in a unclean piece of sea -.

  Why Portopalo?

First because we gave a ride of about 1500 kilometers to the grandfather, that is my father – on paper the trip would have to be resolved in 15 hours by car, but the hours have risen up to 23 because of queues everywhere -; he usually goes on vacation there every year to fish; second because I know well the area and the sea, precisely, there is just another thing, third because from there we wanted to leave, then, with the partial tour of western Sicily.

  stones in the sea  

What would you recommend to do, see or visit, if you go to Portopalo?

First of all, I recommend you sleep in a quaint and very hospitable b & b – not to mention the fantastic breakfasts based on fresh cakes, almond milk, juices and toasted bread with home-made dried tomatoes paté – which is called The Artist of Portopalo and that, besides not being expensive, is in a quiet area of ​​the villag, with a small garden where you can relax in the late afternoon, when you come back from the sea.

breakfast in portopalo

As for lunches: go to the beach and arm yourself with beach umbrellas and tents because it is the only way to choose on the beaches, quiet places: remember to carry arancini, supplì, schiacciate, fruit and water.

viviana musumeci al mare  

At a snack, in the late afternoon, take a trip to Pachino, because it is in the main square, which you can enjoy the best almond pastas, granita with brioche and all kinds of pistachio and chocolate pasticcini (Caffé Ciclope: a guarantee).

At dinner, the advice is to go to Marzamemi: in the historic square of the fishing village, you can sit on the famous blue chairs and dine by candlelight, and then get lost in the nightlife, in the alleys, in search of Commissario Montalbano.

Marzamemi square

As for the life of the sea, my two favorite beaches remain that of the Island of Portopalo, also known as the island of Conigli which is accessed by boat – the service starts from the beach in front of the main square of the village.


The second one, however, is the one already mentioned by Carratois, which is very long and therefore you never run the risk of being surrounded by too many people because you spread along its entire length. And now, ladies and gentlemen, follow this link for reading the recipe of the week: Rice Arancini Recipe


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