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The Lake Como Cooking Journalist’s Travels: Valley of the Temples

My  story about the journey made a few weeks ago in Sicily – and beyond – goes on and it’s the turn of the Valley of the Temples

Moving from Portopalo di Capopassero to Agrigento took about 3 hours by car. The journey resembles a trip on the road, given the type of landscape that goes through a lot of western style.

But the arrival at the Valley of the Temples was spectacular. The advice that I dare to challenge is to go there at night, because during the day, if you are in August, the first concerns you with 35 degrees in the shade and becomes really unpleasant: no, you would not enjoy these temples.

Secondly, go there in the evening, when in the dark, from a distance, you see the columns and the remains of the Magna Graecia illuminated in the night appear: if you do it, you will be breathless.

Without considering the magic of the buzz of people moving in the dark. The sensation, not at all frightening, is purely spiritual that it is a journey through time touched by the souls of those who have lived or walked in those spaces.

Another suggestion that I feel to be challenging is near, at dinner in Favara, a town that climbs up the hills near the valley where, as you arrive up to the main square, rarely populated by churches, you will change your mind. A riot of colors, sounds, typical restaurants and wonderful nights to experience a Sicilian night.

The recipe dedicated to Valle dei Templi is FALSOMAGRO (and I’ll publish it tomorrow ;)) (TLCCJ)

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