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Sicilian Falsomagro is good for sunday lunch in the family

The falsomagro is a typical Sicilian recipe. It is a dish of French origin called “farci de maigre” and it’s a dish that you easily find on the table on sunday for lunch.



4 slices of veal

3 Egg

1 small onion or italiano cipollotto

2 tablespoons grated Parmigiano Reggiano

2 slices of Mortadella not too thin

200 gr of Cacio Cavallo cheese or Fontina

1 liter Tomato Sauce

q.s. Extra virgin olive oil

q.s. salt

Roll out the slice of veal on the work surface and place the mortadella slice over it, so that half of this comes out of the meat, this way when you finish adding all the ingredients you can close it to the book. Boil the eggs till they are hard.  It is necessary to proceed in layers. Add one slice of mortadella, add the cheese in pieces and the eggs. Continue with one of sliced ​​caciocavallo cheese, or fontina and the cipollotto cut in small pieces. Fold the mortadella slice over the sauce and roll it up like a roll. Close it with kitchen string. In a pan, brown a clove of garlic in a generous amount of oil, brown the falsomagro from all sides, in order to seal the meat well, remove the garlic and add the tomato sauce. Salt and cook over medium heat until the sauce has shrunk, it will take about an hour. Let it cool a little, remove the net and cut it into slices. Add a bit of tomato sauce and buon appettito! (TLCCJ)

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