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Sicily on my mind: Capaccio di San Vito Lo Capo

Our summer trip on the road in Sicily, after leaving the valley of the Temples, continued towards the north-west: there we arrived in Capaccio, a hamlet of San Vito Lo Capo.

Here the sea, as everyone knows, is wonderful. At the beach with Zoe, we had fun snorkelling and watching the thousands of shimmering little fish moving mechanically, as suddenly, from place to place. It is fascinating to be absent under the surface of the sea. Below you live in a dull and dreamlike dimension, above the water was broken and shaken by the waves.

In Capaccio, we ate for the first time the typical sicilian Pane Cunzato – I knew its origin and the ingredients, but I had never tasted it before. Taste it from a greengrocer on a bench seated with some natives returning from work in the fields, it was an experience full of emotions.

It is from the food that you understand a region and this strip of land, a valley that for its huge olive plantations that make it look like Puglia, is populated by hospitable and generous people. And it is always here that, for the first time, we had dinner in a home restaurant discovered by chance, while walking on the main course. A large veranda kitchen surrounded by a citrus arbor.

How can we forget the caponatina, the octopus salad and potatoes, but above all the fish cous cous made with the broth of poor fish – ed which is also the way that you make the fish soup -?

Here, if I had to reconnect this fraction of San Vito to a memory, it would be, more than in other places visited during this holiday, afferent to the sphere of food that satisfies the senses and memory. (VM)

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