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The Lake Como Cooking Journalist goes to Palermo

If you go to the Teatro Massimo in Palermo and use the guide service, you will discover some interesting stuff: first of all the theater was built as a tribute to King Vittorio Emanuele III, but the ruler snubbed it, although the Royal Palco still exists today – and it’s accessible to all, booking it in advance -. The king, following some rumours, found such a luxurious theater a bit excessive for a city like Palermo. Of course, he wasn’t right, infact nowadays the Teatro Massimo is famous not just in Italy but also in the rest of the world.


The legend of the ghost of Teatro Massimo in Palermo

Among the many stories that are told there is one in particular that tells of a nun, or rather, of her ghost that makes people stumble when they descend from the last step of one of the internal stairs. The nun would cause people who do not believe her ghost to fall for revenge. Moreover, it would be wandering because churches were destroyed in order to build the theater

The Sicilian provincial capital is, undoubtedly, a city full of contradictions: full of amazing monuments – the Cathedral, which in some ways resembles that of Canterbury, and then still the Palazzo dei Normanni which recalls their presence in about 1100: the church of Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio with its romanesque style, but flanked by arabeggianti constructions; and then again the Church of San Cataldo and, for those who love art, until 4 November the opportunity to admire the contemporary art of Manifesta. And then the streets, popular – sometimes dirty, this is the real sin of the city – and full of potholes.

But food, that’s something you can not absolutely forget.

And we tasted a lot on our Sicilian tour. In particular, as far as street food is concerned, you can not taste the sandwich with the spleen and the various panes full of fry, but also arancini with pistachios, prawns and caciocavallo – but just to name a few. Or the busiate with dried tomatoes and pine nuts.

In Palermo we stopped for a single day and we “walked” it for good: it goes without saying that it deserves to be reviewed and to linger a bit longer (TLCCJ)


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