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A food trip with Blancpain

There are many pleasures that emerge from travels because moving means moving in a space/time dimension which is different from the usual; but also to know the habits, the uses, the colors, the tastes, the places, the monuments, the companies and the typical specialties of a place and in the Vallée du Joux I tasted some wonderful Swiss dishes.

Clearly if you decide to push you there, for example for a weekend, abandon, at least for a couple of days, the idea to weigh yourself.

But what are the dishes that have dazzled my taste buds?

During the tour organized by Blanpain, we made a stop in a verdant unconscious pasture to the fact that autumn had already arrived for some time. A warm and unexpected temperature for the season, has enveloped us, but we did not take away the curiosity and the taste of tasting some typical dishes of the area: at Le Chalottet (this is the name of the chalet)

Croutons, fondue and rosti

These dishes tasted and I’ll explain, broadly, what it is. Croutons – a sort of poor dish that consists of croutons of homemade bread from the alpine pasture, covered with cheese typical of the valley, in particular, of Vacherin Mont-d’Or, melted with pieces of cooked ham and cooked in the oven to gratinate. At the top you pour an egg that is cooked with the heat of the cheeses. Cheese fondue – The ritual is known: in a hot saucepan placed over a heat source, are poured gruyere, fontina and emental. The final touch, however, is represented by the kirsch – acquavite obtained from cherries -. Rosti– is a typical potato dish that can be enjoyed as an appetizer or snack or second course. I ate it in the mixed version with leeks.



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