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Recipe Cous cous with fish

The Sicilian cuisine has been influenced by the many cultures. Couscous is a traditional moroccan dish; in Sicily it is prepared with fish and it’s soooooo Good :D.



300 g of couscous
250 grams of redfish
1 onion and 1 clove of garlic
6 large shrimps
300 grams of tomato pulp
400 grams of mullet
1 celery
1 bay leaf
1 sprig of fresh parsley 
1 or 2 spoons virgin olive oil



Wash, gut  and remove the central bone and head of the fish. Prepare a brot with the fish scraps, the mussels, the peeled onion, the celery and the laurel. Cover with water and cook for about 1 hour. At the end filter the broth and cut the fish in slices.

In a saucepan, add a bit of oil and cook the chopped garlic, the parsley and the shrimps. Add the tomato sauce and cook with salt and pepper for 10 minutes. Add the fish and the saffron and cook it for about 15 minutes.

Prepare the cous cous and cook it in a pan covered with the fish broth.  Cover it an let it sit for 10 minutes.

At the end pour the fish sauce and serve it hot.

Buon appetito! (TLCCJ)


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Sicilian Falsomagro is good for sunday lunch in the family

The falsomagro is a typical Sicilian recipe. It is a dish of French origin called “farci de maigre” and it’s a dish that you easily find on the table on sunday for lunch.



4 slices of veal

3 Egg

1 small onion or italiano cipollotto

2 tablespoons grated Parmigiano Reggiano

2 slices of Mortadella not too thin

200 gr of Cacio Cavallo cheese or Fontina

1 liter Tomato Sauce

q.s. Extra virgin olive oil

q.s. salt

Roll out the slice of veal on the work surface and place the mortadella slice over it, so that half of this comes out of the meat, this way when you finish adding all the ingredients you can close it to the book. Boil the eggs till they are hard.  It is necessary to proceed in layers. Add one slice of mortadella, add the cheese in pieces and the eggs. Continue with one of sliced ​​caciocavallo cheese, or fontina and the cipollotto cut in small pieces. Fold the mortadella slice over the sauce and roll it up like a roll. Close it with kitchen string. In a pan, brown a clove of garlic in a generous amount of oil, brown the falsomagro from all sides, in order to seal the meat well, remove the garlic and add the tomato sauce. Salt and cook over medium heat until the sauce has shrunk, it will take about an hour. Let it cool a little, remove the net and cut it into slices. Add a bit of tomato sauce and buon appettito! (TLCCJ)

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Sicilian Rice Arancini Recipe

The Arancini recipe is a typical recipe from Sicily.  In Portopalo and Sicily I ate so many last summer. Sometimes, it depends on where you are, they are also called “arancine”. However the name is inspired to the orange shape of the rice ball. It’s yummy and it deserves to be tasted once – and more – in a lifetime. If you want, you can follow this recipe, but the advice is: go to Sicily and eat them there 😉


Recipe for 10 balls:

800ml meat stock
250g arborio rice
a bit of salt  and a pinch of saffron
50g parmesan chees grated
150g mozzarella, chopped into pieces
Meat ragu or ham 
1 egg
150gr flour
500g  breadcrumbs
Extra vergine oil for frying the balls


Prepare a risotto with safron – not boiled, because I know that some people think that boiled rice and risotto recipe are the same. Well: it’s not!!! – .

When the risotto is cold, start to create medium rice balls and fill them with the pieces of mozzarella cheese and the meat ragu – or cut ham -. After you beat the egg, flour and water, melt the balls and then use the breadcrumbs for covering each ball.

Heat the extravergin oil in a deep pan and dip each rice ball. Cook in batches until golden brown and drain on kitchen paper towel.

Serve it hot! And Buon Appetito (TLCCJ)

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Sardine’s pie RECIPE

There is a part of Sicily in me and in my blood. I love the sicilian food because it’s rich, tasteful, original, unique and when I eat it there is something that comes up to my mind, like the way my mother used to cook. We always think that good fish is the very expensive one, but we ignore sometimes that there is some kindo of fish which is tasteful and also very healthy, like sardine. Here the Sardines’s pie recipe

Ingredients (Recipe 4*4)

6oo gr of sardines
50gr of pecorino grated cheese
50gr of parmigiano reggiano grated cheese
50 gr of grated bread
1 garlic
Extravergin oil, salt and pepper

How to prepare it:

Wash the sardines and remove the central bone. arrange them in a pan with baking paper. pour, after having mixed them, the cheeses, the breadcrumbs, the garlic cut into miniscule parts. add salt and pepper and bake at 170 degrees in a preheated oven. cook for 20 minutes. serve hot on a vedere of fresa salad

Enjoy and buon appetito (TLCCJ)


recipe of sardines pie

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Exotic rice salad recipe (VIDEO)

Cold rice in salad is a typical Italian recipe to be enjoyed in summer.

That said, I also like to change for this I invented this version a bit ‘exotic, but complete because in addition to the vitamins of vegetables, there are carbohydrates of rice and salmon proteins.


200 gr of sliced ​​salmon
1 pepper
1 fishing
1 tropea onion
300 gr of Basmati rice
40 ml of soy sauce
1 tomato
1 lemon
a teaspoon of turmeric powder
a splash of black pepper powder
a glass of coconut milk


Clean and shape the fruit and vegetables by boiling, meanwhile, the basmati rice. Pour into a bowl the cubes of tomato, pepper, peach, Tropea onion and salmon into small pieces. When the rice is ready, drain it and pour it into the bowl to add the soy sauce, the squeezed lemon juice, the turmeric, the pepper and the coconut milk that previously, had poured into another bowl, mixing them.

Is that yummy enough? (TLCCJ)

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Cacio and Pepe recipe (VIDEO)


It’s hard for me to find something that I don’t like to eat, but pasta and especially Cacio and pepe is one of my favourite recipe. So I’m going to tell you how to prepare it. But if you want, you can join me on Lake Como and cook it together.

Cacio and pepe recipe

2 tsp black peppercorns
170 gr of fusilli (but you can also use spaghetti)
80g pecorino romano, at room temperature, finely grated

Toast the peppercorns in a very hot and dry pan. Boil some salted water and then add the pasta; the pasta should be covered but not by much. Stir occasionally during cooking and after few minutes minutes into the cooking time, scoop out some hot water into a wide bowl to allow it to cool slightly with the pecorino cheese.  After that put the cheese and the pepper in a large, heavy bowl or pan and beat in some of the pasta water very gradually to make a creamy sauce.  Add the pasta and toss furiously while adding enough of the water. Serve hot!!! Buon appetito



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Velouté of anchovies and pumpkin

Sometimes people think that velouté is a typical fall/winter recipe.  You can actually eat whenever you like and if you like to smell the flavour of the sea, maybe ancovies is the kind of ingredient that must be there.

For this reason I want to introduce you to the  pumpkin and clams flavored velouté with anchovies recipe.  Once I read a book edited by Irene Rizzoli for Mondadori Electa. It is dedicated to the world of anchovies and it is titled Alice o Acciuga?. As I really love anchovies, I found this recipe which tastes really good and you can find it on the book at pag. 177.



400 gr pumpkin peeled

2 small potatoes

1 leek

1 small onion

4 anchovy fillets

1 130 gr jar of clams in brine

1 sprig rosemary

1 bunch parsley

extra virgin olive oil

salt, freshly ground pepper


PREPARATION (Preparation time 50 minutes)

Sauté the chopped onion and sliced leek in a saucepan with 2 spoonfuls of oil. Chop the anchovy fillets and dissolve them in the oil. Add a pinch of salt, the diced potatoes and pumpkin, and a few needles of rosemary. Cook for a few minutes, then add 1.2 liters of hot water, cover and cook for 30 minutes. Drain the clams, add their liquid to the soup, and simmer for 5 minutes in an uncovered pan. Purée the soup to a cream with the hand blender. Season the clams with peppe, a little olive oil and chopped parsley, then mix in two-third of them with the velouté. Pour the soup into individual bowls, garnished with the clams and serve with crispy pumpkin-shaped croutons.

(Recipe from Alice o acciuga, edited by Irene Rizzoli, Mondadori)

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Linguine with basil and citrus fruits pesto and shrimps

As you have read in the previous post, few days ago I visited my friend Pupa at Agriturismo Castello di Vezio and I cooked Linguine with basil and citrus fruits pesto and shrimps.

Here the recipe:



1 lb of linguine

4 cups of fresh basil

juice of one orange, of half a lemon and of half grapefruit

1 clove of garlic

1/2 of pine nuts

1/2 spoon of curry

half a glass of extra vergin oil and salt and pepper (to taste)



Boil the water for the pasta and add a pinch of salt or a bit more. Clean the shrimps and cook them in a cooking pan with a bit of extra vergin oil and a bit of curry for few minutes.

Wash and dry the basil and add it to a mixer. Squeeze the citrus fruits and add the juice to the basil with the garlic, the pine nuts and salt and pepper.

Mix all the ingredients. When the water boil, add the pasta  and cook according to the instructions until the linguine are al dente.

Drain the pasta and serve it in a big dish. Top the pasta with pesto and shrimps. Mix and serve while it is hot.