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The Lake Como Cooking Journalist’s Guide is online HERE

There’s a new guide in town, guys, and it’s mine: well, it’s not the first, but I’m quite sure that you will appreciate The Lake Como Cooking Journalist’s GUIDE.


What’s that and why did I decide to publish it? Ok, Now I’m going to explain all the reasons. I’ve decided to publish it because I met a lot of people from all over the world and they always told me that it’s actually hard to find a smart but complete guide dedicated to Lake Como, also because, most of the time, they are not written by locals, that mean by someone who actually know the entire lake – that is me -.

Second this guide is digital, so you can watch it on your smartphone or on your tablet; you can also publish it – if you are a paper lover – before you leave for Lake Como, but remember to see it before online,because there are numbers of links.

Then I decided to create a complete guide but you won’t find all the places, but just




On Lake Como Cooking Journalist’s GUIDE you will find tips about how to get to Lake Como from all the airports by car or by train; how to travel on Lake Como, how it’s preferable to visit also if you don’t want to stay in the “Touristic” district, but you want to discover lovely, nices, interesting and not famous places. This is a real insider guide. But it was written by a journalist. It’s trustable.

And now, I wait for your comments (TLCCJ)