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Lunch with Pupa at Agriturismo Castello di Vezio

Here on Lake Como there are unspoiled locations that maybe you don’t even know; one of these magical places is Agriturismo Castello di Vezio. Here, there is a lovely but strong woman who believed in her dreams and she worked very hard to realize them. And she did it. Pupa is the owner of Agriturismo Castello di Vezio and she is, now  a friend with I manage cooking experiences with for foreigners who want to live a different food experience on Lake Como.

But we both work hard. We are always very busy, so for once I wanted to cook just for us and take our time .

For this reason I prepared two of my favourites recipes:

spaghetti with basil pesto,  citrus fruits and shrimps and Sicilian orange salad with swordfish

If you want to enjoy the pleasure of food with us, you can do it living the real cooking journalist experience at Agriturismo Castello di Vezio.



view from agriturismo castello di vezio lake como

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The first story of Viviana, The Lake Como Cooking Journalist

It’s been a long time I haven’t written a blog; yes, I’m a journalist, or better, I’m The  Lake Como Cooking Journalist and for my job, I always write.

But writing articles – VM-MAG – it’s not like writing a blog or stories. However this is the place where I’m supposed to write stories, so I will do it. And the first is about how I got here.  I mean, not to a physical place, but to this digital location, or as I like to call it, this BLOG EXPERIENCE food location.

Well I’ve been loving food for all my life. When I was a child my mom use to prepare the genoa pesto using an old mixer with a light blu gummy top. Nowadays the scene in my kitchen is the same, but instead of me there is my daughter and at the end, she usually take a spoon and she finishes the rest of the pesto sauce in the big glass. YUMMY

If I were asked to tell you my favourite meal, it would be very very difficult to give an answer:

I like salty food, but I can’t live without black chocolate;

I adore raw seafood, but also the perfect fish soup prepared by my father;

carbs are considered evil from many people, but if I don’t eat pizza once a week, I completely go crazy;

So the answer is that I probably love food because food make me feel comfortable and because recipes  connect me with my past, with my family, with my friends, with Italy and Lake Como where I live.

Food is feeding and feeding is love